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Panga Dialogues in English | Kangana

Panga Dialogues in English | Kangana: The new movie coming soon and that's Panga is an emotional roller coaster tale of a middle-class Indian woman; A forgotten kabaddi world champion. Kangana Ranaut Showcase their talent in this movie.

Movie Credits
Directed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari  Produced by Fox Star Studios   Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy  Written by Nikhil Mehrohtra & Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Panga Dialogues in English | Kangana


Jaya Nigam.

India captain. 2010.

And one of the best players of her time.



We're in the same team.

Papa, got kicked again?

Quiet! Finish your breakfast.

Good morning, ma'am.

Adi, just two basil leaves.

Drive slowly, please!

The bus moves only as fast as a snail.


I'm also a...

-You want something?


Didn't recognise you?

Who recognizes a kabaddi player?

Jaya, your days of glory as a kabaddi player

are gone with the wind.

Women empowerment, my foot!

I'm a mother.

And a mother doesn't have a right to dream.

When a person's destiny changes

people’s attitude towards them

also changes.

-How old is mummy?


Can't a player make a comeback at 32?

You're lucky to get a second chance.

There'll be many problems

which neither you nor I

will remember after a year.

The only thing we'll remember

is that you got a chance

and you let it slip away.

Jaya, you think you can

come back into the Indian team

just because you won against

a bunch of girls from Bhopal?

I have to try.

I need to challenge myself again.

The girl wants to challenge herself

once again!

When you get selected

for the Indian team

and when you give an interview

don't just credit Prashant.

Talk about your mummy, too.

A player gets to play for herself

or for her team.

Only a few chosen ones

get a chance to play

for their country.

When players retire

she wants to make a comeback!

Mummy, why're you mumbling?

-I'm not asking for your support.

-I’m not supporting you.

-I don't want it.

-You don't have it.

Move on, folks!

-You forgot my favourite sweet?

-Wants to play kabaddi, kabaddi!

-Why is this with sugar?

-Who drinks tea with pudding!

-What is this, mummy?

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