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Tanhaji: Dialogues English Version

Tanhaji Dialogues English: The Movie Directed by Om Raut and Produced by Ajay Devgn. Tanhaji one of the best motivated movie ever. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior is an Indian biographical period drama film based on the life of legendary Tanaji Malusare

Directed By: Om RautProduced By: Ajay DevgnProduced By: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior Dialogues English Version


A Golden bird.

However, many external invasions

shattered the soul of that bird..

If a rat is destroying the

Mughal flag in front of your eyes..

..then what will you do?

Kill him, Aalijaah.

Then shrewd Alamgir executed

his most vicious plan.

Pitting a Hindu against another Hindu.

There is a bad news, brother.

23 forts of Swaraj are

now under Aurangzeb's reign..

..including Kondhana.

The heat is strong

and your feet are fragile.

Along with your emotions,

your feet will also be scorched.

O Goddess Bhawani..

Mother of this world..

Now you will only tell..

..whether Swaraj will prevail..

..or perish by the

hands of these monsters?

Whenever there's a crisis..'s not always

wise to face it head-on.

Put your right hand forward.

Because when someone's

preparing for his son's wedding..

..I cannot invite him

for this suicidal mission.

On one side is a mother's love..

..and on the other

is her husband's oath.

Now what's more important?

In response, I can only say..

On one side are a human's desires..

..and the other side

are their deeds (duty).

What's more important?

Turn the cannon,

Now Shivaji is under my control.

Whatever the outcome of the mission..

..the very next day, your daughter

will become our daughter-in-law.

I will eliminate the existence

of the saffron (Maratha flag)..

..from the face of this earth.

Who are you to eliminate the Saffron..

..that befalls upon us from the skies.

Twice a day.

Before the sun rises

and after the sun sets.

Who will win today?

Swaraj will be victorious.

Truth will be victorious.

We all will be victorious.

Now wave the Saffron flag..

..and let it be declared.

First, the conquest over Kondhana..

..and then my Raiba's wedding.

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