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Street Dancer Dialogues English Version

Street Dancer Dialogues English Version. The movie trailer out, T-Series Present A T-Series Films Production In Association With Remo D’Souza Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
In Movie these are cast The film is starring Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Nora Fatehi, and Prabhu Deva in lead roles and directed by Remo D'Souza, produced by Bhushan Kumar, Divya Khosla Kumar, Krishan Kumar & Lizelle D’Souza

Street Dancer Dialogues English Version

"India... India..."

India and Pakistan.

Whether they face off

on the cricket field...

...or in a dance battle.

It'll always be fun.

And rule no 1 of my life...

"Never be number 2."

Next time you want to challenge us...

...learn some new steps first.

Look at her style.


She's just plain arrogant.

One day a commentator asked their captain.

"Do you know English?"

He said, "English comes to me".

Meaning "I know English".



Never seen this lot be so friendly before.

Yes, sir.

I admit she's from another country.

But, as my grandma always says...

"Love thy neighbor..."

"I'm here tonight..."

"...and I'm going to steal your heart."

You wanted to see something new,

didn't you?

This is new.

Do you know the difference

between your dance and ours?

You dance for yourself...

...while we dance for others.

You see Anna...

The champion plays his trump card...

...when the other player has a King.

This will be fun.

"It's a face-off..."

"A face-off...sweetheart."


Hey guys... guys...

Ground Zero battle is back.

And you feel you can win.

Of course, sir.

We have the best team.

I just want to defeat Inayat and her gang.

You guys keep fighting over nationality,

religion, cricket.

These guys fight too.

But together.

Brother, why did you lie to me?

They want to win the competition

for Indian and Pakistani immigrants.

They are in this state

because of people like you.

It's time you gave your heart a chance.

Just listen to it.

"Someone pray for me today."

As my grandma always says...

"Whether you chant

the name of Lord or not..."

"...but that moment when you

help someone is nothing short of worship."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is our voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is our voice."

"Your voice and mine..."

"...together is our voice."

We can...never be one.


"Watch out we're back again..."

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