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Bye Pewdiepie | Carryminati Lyrics English Translation

Bye Pewdiepie | Carryminati Lyrics English Translation: The song presented by CarryMinat called Ajay Nagar and written by Ajay Nagar. This is the distract against Pewdiepie by CarryMinati who's Indian YouTuber with 10 Millions Subscribers.
Song & Lyrics - Ajey Nagar Music By - Retnik Beats Mixing/Mastering - Aditya Verma

Bye Pewdiepie | Carryminati Lyrics English Translation

The world unites against our nation.

How many faults do you think you’ll find?

today is when you dance to our tunes.

our tunes

Today is when your empire falls.

Turn around, you’ll see who knows best.

The real MVP is bigger than you.

Justice gets served today,

Justice gets served today

you get what you deserve.

The one who made everyone cry,

he had the devil in his eye.

He didn’t spare a single creator.

He burned them to the ground.

The root of all evil.

No one called him out.

Because the people, they do not care.

They don’t think of the consequences.

The wicked, they don’t care.

The people don’t believe what’s coming.

The wicked, they don’t care.

The wicked, they don’t care.

We don’t care what you like

we know we’ll take you down.

We’re a different kind of magic.

You call your face pubes a beard,

we think it’s time for a shave.

You’re no fresh prince,

See, this is your sister-in-law. (MAYA)

Your sister-in-law.

See, this is your sister-in-law. (MAYA)

Your sister-in-law.

Bitch lasagna.


Bitch lasagna.

We’re laughing in your face

Want a tiny hug?

You’re broke as a joke.

Go change your number,

we know you’re pissed.

We’ll use you, then abuse you.

Parade you on the streets.

Parade you on the streets.

Your childish antics lose.

T-Series wins

India comes out on top,

and we’ll teach you how it’s done.

A backhand to each cheek,

so you to get the point.

You can’t look us in the eye.

Today is when you die.


We know we got game.

PUBG players.

All night slayers.

Get real high.

Shake all night.

All these years.

and that’s all you know?

Who comes to you,

forgets why he’s even there.

You know all about us.

That’s why your song shows us.

You call your brother a liar.

You keep the truth hidden.

Your anthem has our name.

Go chase those views.

Your game is no news,

We’re hungrier than you.

Thanks for your donation!

But, try keeping your balls in your pants.

Keep it Safely

Or we'll have to do something about it.

Now have to do something right?

For your rusted brain

How do we keep dissing you?

You keep changing your colours.

This ain’t our fight anymore.

There’s something wrong with your face.

Don’t you believe what people say.

Go live that life of yours.

Knowing exactly what you’ve done.

You’re burning out.

But you still want more.

You’ll never get what you want. Coz you’re all kinds of wrong.

You are a real fool.

Who’s breaking all the rules.

If you’re that curious.

Come speak our language.

Come win this game.

Try taking our people away.

(Try taking our people away)

(Try taking our people away)

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